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Personal budgets and direct payments

What is a personal budget?

A personal budget is an amount of money the Council can give towards the support needed to meet special educational outcomes identified on an Educational Health Care (EHC) Plan.

If your child has an EHC Plan or has been assessed as having a social care need then you are entitled to request a personal budget. This is an amount of money the local authority has identified to meet the needs in your child's EHC plan. There is the option as a parent or carer to be involved in choosing and arranging part of the provision to meet your child's needs.

Personal Budgets

Personal Budgets Policy

What is a direct payment?

A direct payment is money from your local authority to allow you to buy the care your child needs instead of having services organised by us. Some of the ways direct payments can be used include:

  • employing a personal assistant
  • employing an agency to care for your child in your own home
  • an activity club session
  • booking short breaks
  • buying equipment

This list is not exhaustive. Direct payments can be used flexibly providing they are used to meet the assessed need and agreed outcomes for your child.

How do I get a direct payment?

To get a direct payment, there needs to be an assessment of your child’s and family’s needs completed.

In Rotherham, this assessment will be undertaken by the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) if it is for a personal health budget, by your Education, Health and Care Plan co-ordinator if it is to meet education needs or by a member of Rotherham’s Children with Disabilities Team if it is to meet a social care need.

Assessments for early help and social care

Direct Payment Support

For families receiving direct payments there is support available from recognised organisations who provide help and advice relating to managing accounts, payroll and recruitment. More information on these providers can be found on the links below: