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Personal Outcome Evaluation Tool (POET) Survey

Have your voice heard through the annual POET Survey. The survey is open to parents and carers, children and young people and practitioners.

The POET is an effective tool to help measure the impact and outcomes of people going through self-directed support. It's an evaluation for children/young people who have:

  • Personal Budget
  • Personal Health Budget
  • Education, Health and Care Plans

The survey is being run by In Control. They have identified it's imperative that we keep checking and listening to people’s experiences. And working together to improve choice and control.

We would like to request that you share this information through your teams. Enable practitioners to take part in this consultation. Reach out to as many parents/carers and children/young people as possible.

We would like to request that the information and the links for the survey are:

  • Included in School Newsletters
  • Shared to all schools
  • Included on Local Offer
  • Arrangements will be made to include on internal CYPS briefings

If anyone has any questions around the consultation, Email:

If anyone would like to see a PDF copy of the questions, please also let us know.

We will send out an update every fortnight and let you know what our participation rates look like.

For practitioners working with a young person who needs extra support, please complete your survey.

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Published: 29th March 2022