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A guide to SEND Assessment and Planning

Stage 3 - Agreeing the plan

The EHC Assessment Coordinator will:

  • Complete a draft plan, contact health and social care managers, and use established criteria to prepare indicative budgets ready for the week 12 planning meeting.
  • Present draft plans to the SEND Panel to:
    • decide whether an EHC plan should be issued and if so the intensity and type of SEN provision necessary
    • clarify indicative budgets
  • If the outcome of the statutory assessment is that an EHC plan is not appropriate the reasons will be set out clearly in a letter to the parent and referrer together with information on their rights of appeal. A ‘Team Around the Child (TAC)’ meeting will be offered to discuss the outcome and set out any on-going appropriate support to be delivered by the school/education provider and services.
  • If it is agreed an EHC plan is appropriate the parent, referrer and all involved parties will be advised.