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Travel assistance

There is an expectation that, whenever possible, families will make their own arrangements to get their child to school and will work with the local authority to encourage their child with special educational needs and disabilities to travel independently, if and when, appropriate.

Travel assistance is not automatically given if a child has an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) and many children with SEND travel to school without special provision. However, some children with specific needs will require additional support, often for an agreed period of time.

Some children may not be able walk or travel by public transport to school because of their particular needs, or a parent or carer may not have access to an appropriate vehicle to take them to school themselves. An individuals needs will determine their entitlement.

Parents/carers should complete the age appropriate transport request form to enable the child to be assessed for eligibility.

Eligible pupils may receive transport assistance to and from school. This may be a personal transport budget to allow parents to arrange transport assistance to suit their child's individual transport needs, bus pass, minibus, coach or shared taxi.

It is only in exceptional circumstances that details of home to school transport will be included within an EHC Plan. Where applicable, we would look at the potential for it being included within a personal budget.

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What Happens after Year 11?

As part of a young person's transition to adulthood, it is hoped that as many young people with SEND as possible will have started to travel independently by the time they reach college age.

However, some young people may still require special provision or support for their travel as a result of their needs. All students with special educational needs who require transport will need to have their transport needs reassessed for entitlement.

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Transport policies

The latest version of the Home to School Transport Policy – June 2018 also incorporates the Policy details for Post 16/Further Education learners.

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