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Transitions within education

Transitions can be classed as any of the following:

  • Moving between home and school
  • Moving between lessons
  • Moving between familiar situations and unfamiliar/new situations e.g. school trip
  • Moving between year groups
  • Moving between key stages

Transitions for SEND children with complex needs

Transition support

There is a useful guide to help prepare children with SEND for transition from one educational setting to another and into training or employment.

Transition support

Autism transition support

For advice about how you can support your child with autism through transition visit the National Autistic Society website.

National Autisitic Society

The Autism Education Trust has produced a toolkit of common issues surrounding transition for young people on the autism spectrum, as well as a guide to the considerations that should be taken by those supporting them. The Trust offers some practical strategies to support transition periods as well as provide a list of useful links to other organisations and support materials.

View Delivering Special Provision Locally website

Time-line for post 16 options

A checklist for schools supporting transition for young people to post 16 opportunities.

Download the checklist for schools supporting tansition

Transition into adult social care

Council services for adults are different from those for children, so it's important that young adults get the support they need during this time. The Rotherham Adult Transitions Team provide support to young people and their families during this time.

Find out more about Rotherham Adult Transition Team