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Early Years Inclusion Outreach Service

The Early Years Inclusion Outreach Service support Early Years Settings to include children with identified SEND within the Foundation Stage One year.

Early Years inclusion workers begin involvement with identified children and their families before they attend the settings The worker will visit the child within the home and begin to get to know the child and will reassure parents/carers of the process they are involved with.

Following this the workers visit the Early Year’s settings at regular intervals (based on a child need basis) and provide strategies and interventions to up-skill staff to meet the needs of children. These will encourage transferable skills so that staff can draw on these skills with future children.

Inclusion Outreach workers also lead and later support settings to hold regular review meetings to ensure the child’s needs are being met and to ensure transition packages are in place for the child to be able to move smoothly onto the next setting.

Support for provision to facilitate/support access to the curriculum and to develop independent learning for children/young people with SEND.

This service is to upskill the Early Years workforce to develop new skills when working with children with SEND, this will support staff to ensure all children are accessing all areas of the curriculum.

Support given to aid provision at unstructured times of the day including personal care.

The inclusion outreach workers will focus on all areas of the curriculum including personal skills

Planning for, assessment of, and identification of children with SEND including thresholds.

Children access a child led planned curriculum within our Early Years settings, this is individually planned to each child. A child with SEND will be included within this planning which included activities to meet their individual needs around the child’s identified SEND. Inclusion outreach workers will also introduce alternative tracking systems when appropriate e.g. Early Support Learning Journey.

Staff training for service provision to meet needs of children/young people with SEND.

Training is available to inclusion outreach workers from Rotherham Early Years and outside services specialising in SEND.

Liaison/communication with parents.

The inclusion outreach workers will meet families on home visits or in a familiar early years setting (if attending one) which they do before the child starts within the F1 year. This way the workers will build a relationship with child and parent/carer before the child starts at the setting.

Liaison/communication with children and young people.

Workers begin to build relationships with children by visiting them within the home and familiar early years setting if attending one.

Liaison/communication with other services/agencies services.

Inclusion outreach workers have contact details of all outside agencies and have solid links with these agencies.

Service involvement in provision for medical needs.

Early Years provide funding to enable settings to access any medical training needed.

Service involvement in transition provision (all ages).

Inclusion outreach workers support settings to implement transition packages into the next provision.

Service involvement in Post 16+ provision

Service involvement in transport provision (where applicable).

Setting will always meet the needs of children and will make any reasonable adjustments needed.