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Education Services

Visual Impairment Team

The Visual Impairment Team provides support to visually impaired children, their families and their schools. A significant visual difficulty, which cannot be corrected by wearing glasses can affect a child’s learning, development and access to the school curriculum.

Children may have differing types of vision loss which may affect visual acuity (close and distance vision), visual field (peripheral vision), visual processing or eye movement disorders.

The Visual Impairment Team can provide assessment, advice, equipment, training and direct teaching to enable children to fulfil their potential.

The Team includes qualified Teachers of the Visually Impaired, specialist Visual Impairment teaching assistants, a Habilitation Specialist, a Resources and ICT Coordinator and Reformatting Assistants.

For more information about the Visual Impairment Team, contact them via the following methods:

Tel: 01709 336415