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Autism Information and Advice Service

Who are we?

We are a post diagnostic service which offers information and advice to families relating to autism.

What do we offer?

We offer training in a range of areas that is designed to increase knowledge, build confidence, and increase resilience through practical strategies, guided learning and shared experiences.

Training is for parents and carers of young people 0 - 25 who are on the neuro pathway or have an autism diagnosis. The child or young person will also need to be registered with a Rotherham GP Practice.

Current list of training:

  • Understanding Autism: Gives a basic understanding of current thinking around autism and to reflect on differences in autistic social communication and interaction, behaviour, and sensory processing.
  • Considering behaviours: Learn how autism influences and shapes our children’s thinking and behaviour, how to use our knowledge to unpick behaviours and reactions and how to use the iceberg and STAR model to analyse behaviour and shape change.
  • Sensory training theory: To discuss why our senses are important, to gain an understanding of sensory modulation and how this affects your child and to learn about typical sensory presentations
  • Sensory training strategies: To discuss and problem solve practical ways we can make your home a more sensory friendly environment and to take away practical tips to try at home.
  • Teen Life: is for parents/carers of autistic young people aged 10 to 16 years with an autism diagnosis. The aim of the Teen Life programme is to bring parents together to share information, experiences and ideas in a structured way. Teen Life emphasises the importance of autistic perspectives, with a variety of videos and quotes used throughout the sessions.

Topics covered include:

  • understanding autism in teenagers
  • self-esteem and spending time with other people
  • stress and anxiety
  • understanding your diagnosis
  • puberty and independence
  • education and planning for the future.

See the full schedule of training

Advice sessions

We offer one-hour bookable advice sessions with an autism family practitioner. These sessions offer opportunities to explore family, home and community-based difficulties that are related to their autism diagnosis. We can also offer telephone or locality-based appointments where appropriate.

Advice sessions are open to:

  • Families of children who have had a new diagnosis of autism and have been discharged from the Child Development Centre
  • Families of children who have received a new diagnosis of autism and been referred from Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS)
  • Families of children with a recent private diagnosis of autism
  • A young person 18-25 years who has had a recent diagnosis of autism
  • All children/young people would need to be registered to a Rotherham GP Practice


The booklets aims to provide simple straightforward information to support children and young people with a social communication difficulty including Autism. The booklets cover:

  • Know your child
  • Communication
  • Social Interaction
  • Sensory Issues
  • Behaviour
  • Strategies

We provide families with copies of ‘Basic Strategies to support children with Autism’; this is available in English, Punjabi, Urdu, Polish, Slovak and Mandarin.

You can also download the book on the links below:

Who can refer?

Referrals for advice sessions and training can be made by the Child Development Centre and CAMHS.

Referrals for training can be made by social workers, Early Help workers and families themselves.

What we cannot offer:

Ongoing/ intensive support to families who have children / young people with Autism or to young people aged 18-25 who have an autism diagnosis.

For any further information please contact us on 01709 336404