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You said, we did

Changes we have made

Have your say and tell us what you'd like to see, what we’ve missed and what we can do to improve the information and support we provide.

When we receive feedback from surveys, focus groups and email we demonstrate how we've responded to this through a 'you said, we did' approach.

This helps you to see what impact your feedback has had directly on a service, process, or information area.

A send advisor

Changes made in 2022


Met with the EHC team to discuss changes to their page

Talked with young people group the guiding voices.
the group asked for:

  • Chunky buttons and further apart
  • Different background colour/ options to change. Agreed with having an off white background
  • Logo present
  • More picture
  • Bigger bolder writing
  • Less wordy
  • Wording to be changed to include young people not aimed just at parents
  • Don’t need to say website on main title (word removed)

We have developed a new activates page

From chatting with health we have updated the health page to be easier to use for parents


  • Services leads have been asked to attend the weekly IT meetings to focus on their specific areas. July will focus on the graduated response, Early Help and Social Care. If you have any views on these sections, please email:


  • School links fixed. Feedback from parents found that some school links where missing. This was feedback at the weekly IT meeting and fixed
  • Young person’s logo competition winner announced. 7 year old Ella won the Logo competition with a amazing Logo.

The theory behind the design she's said is the star represents Special, whilst the ABC Book represents Education and the 2 people show 1 in a wheelchair with a visible disability whilst the other person may have hidden disabilities.

SEND star logo designed by 7 year old Ella

The standard of drawings where amazing which made it very hard decision in picking a winner.We would like to thank everyone that sent in an entry.

  • A Young person’s representative from Guiding Voices is now present at the Local Offer Sub group to give views and feedback.

Rotherham parent carer forum drop-ins.

You said:

  • The space bar needs to be at the top - we have changed the layout of the page, so the spacebar is now at the top of the page
  • The EHCP Hun to have its own button - The Hub now has its own button on the Landing page
  • You wanted less clicks to get to information - we have been working with the IT department to look at this in our Weekly IT meetings.

Weekly IT meetings

To improve the Local Offer, we have been having weekly IT meetings to identify key objectives from previous consultation from parents and carers and implement the changes.

We have:

  • Attached the WSOA page as a news item on home page enclosing inspection report and WSOA
  • Changed the Search bar and theme  
  • Made the Guiding voices young person’s link more accessible
  • Added a new to SEND page
  • Added the EHCP hub button on landing page
  • Numbers and emails updated for all services – please provide update on those that are wrong

Young person’s logo competition

We wanted to involve children and young people in the development of the Local Offer and asked them to design a new logo that embodies the for the local offer.

Feedback and comments

Tell us what you think about the local offer