Education, Health and Care Plans explained

What does an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) look like?

The plan has 11 sections labelled alphabetically:

  1. The views, interests and aspirations of your child
  2. Special educational needs (SEN)
  3. Health needs related to SEN
  4. Social care needs related to SEN
  5. Outcomes - how the extra help will benefit your child
  6. Special educational provision (support)
  7. Health provision
  8. Social care provision
  9. Placement - type and name of school or other settings
  10. Personal budget arrangements
  11. Advice and information - a list of the information gathered during the EHC needs assessment

The plan should be written so that everyone can understand it. It should be clear and detailed about the amount and type of support your child will get and how the support will help your child.