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2019 Feedback

In February we attended a Local Offer Peer Review Workshop for Yorkshire & Humber

We met with 8 other Local Authorities from across Yorkshire and reviewed the effectiveness of each Local Offer website. The feedback was aimed to improve authorities’ local offers making them more informative and easy to use.

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Positive comments taken from the peer review:

There is an extensive list of education and health providers.

The preparing for adult section is very well detailed and offers young adults a great start for their research.

The feedback section is nice; I like the humour appeal with the child’s feedback.

I enjoyed the use of hyperlinks which broke the sections down into specific sections of information, this makes is easy for public to use.

Identified areas for improvement

The search bar function is not very efficient when trying to directly search for something.

We were experiencing a technical issue with the provider which needed an update; we have now fixed this so people will be able to use the search bar again.

They said; it would be nice for the feedback to be dated, so you can show your effectiveness in changing the site for the publics benefit.

We have now dated our feedback so that you can see when we have been making our changes.

Pages could be more inviting by having examples of young adults in the area for example who have gone down some of these roots.

We are activity looking to show the voice of children and young people on the local offer. We have added a video from young people talking about what having autism means to them. This can be viewed in the Autism support section.

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We are also asking for services to add examples from children and young people when their page is updated. The next page to be updated will be the Hearing Impairment team.

They found: two links that did not work when clicked, these where the ‘transition support’ and the second link under the autism transition support.

We always appreciate it when people let us know of links not working, unfortunately due to some websites being linked to external sites they can become broken: The updated links can be found under autism transiting support heading.

See transitions within education

2018 Feedback

From January to March 2018 we conducted a consultation on the local offer involving parents and carers, children and young people. Below are some of the responses.

We listen to what you tell us about our services. Through your feedback, we can keep making things better. Here are some of the changes we have made based on your feedback.

Parents told us…

I need to talk to a real person

We have… added the Families Information Services’ phone number to the homepage. The number is for support to access the Local Offer website.

A child under 12 told us…

Lionel Messi should be ok on it and pictures and video clips and Messi can tell if people I where to find information.

Unfortunately we could not get Lionel Messi to do a video for us but we have added a video to explain what the local offer is, and we will be adding more videos to help in the future. The video can be viewed in the about the Local Offer section.

A parent told us…

Some parents aren’t confident on computers, just make it really simple.

We tasked individual leads to review their section making it simple to read, which they regularly review. For people who are not confident they can contact the number on the main page and we have worked with the libraries to help you access the local offer.

A young person (19-25) told us…

I would like bigger font size (16) we have added a help to view this site page. On this page you can see how to make the screen bigger, how to translate the Local Offer into different languages and guidance on making the device you are on more accessible.

We have also added:

  • an events page, where you can find up to date local activities, holiday events and up and coming workshops
  • a resources page where you can download and print the Local Offer flyers helping promote the local offer

Promotion and engagement

September 2018 engagement with Rotherham Ethnic Minority Alliance’s community navigators

We are constantly trying to promote the Local Offer so that more people can find the information they are looking for.

We have recently engaged with Rotherham Ethnic Minority Alliance’s community navigators. The community navigator service is a joint delivery service between REMA and RMBC Early Help. They offer support to new arrivals in the Rotherham area.

A send advisor